All loans shorter than 3 years! Most One Year Plus - No 5, 6, 7 Year Car Loans Here!!

We offer Lay-Away if you don't have the whole deposit down... but found the car you want. Put a small deposit down... you'll know you're approved for a loan and purchased a car. Just pay something on the down payment every week, when the full deposit is paid, Insure, Register and Drive.

We Finance Here! We have a loan license from the Commonwealth of Mass-Division of Banks. BEWARE of those "Buy-Here-Pay-Here" Dealers who don't have that license! They may be forced out of business, per Division of Banks, and you'll be trying to find your title when the loan is paid-off!

You can be assured, after 30 years in business, we do everything the right way. We stand behind what we sell. We sell 4x4's, Vans, and mostly lower mileage American cars, from 2002 through 2007.

We make it simple and easy..
Drive away with your new car as fast as two hours.
5 Minute Instant Approval

Budget Auto Sales
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